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March 1, 2020 - Our Journey of Loss, Grief, and Healing

April 8, 2020

A Note To Our Clients

March 20, 2020

Allison + Sudip's Nepali Wedding

March 20, 2020

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April 8, 2020

Lastly I thought about how hurt, alone, and helpless he must have felt in those last moments to not want his future. I was sad for the people he left behind but more than anything, it broke me to imagine how hurt he was to have no other option than to take his own life...

March 20, 2020

Hello to all clients and friends.

As we all know, the recent outbreak of covid-19 has raised some concern for many businesses and clients alike. I want to reassure you all that we are taking this very seriously and taking many additional precautions to ensure the health...

March 20, 2020

I first met Allison during her makeup trial in March of this year and we immediately hit it off.  She was planning two weddings - a western ceremony in New York where the couple recently moved from an a traditional eastern ceremony to honor her husband's Nepali roots....

August 9, 2018

Proper skincare is such an important part of ensuring your makeup looks flawless throughout the day.  Our artists can do a lot with the skin prep items in our kits but regular maintenance is key to ensuring the health of your skin and longevity of your makeup.  Below a...

March 22, 2018

Your wedding day is not a day where you are wearing everyday basic makeup or are able to throw your hair into a topknot. In order to make sure the investment you’ve made in your hair and makeup (and photos) pays off, we need to go into the day with a well thought out p...

December 8, 2017

I’ve been a bridal makeup artist for almost 10 years now.  I like glamming ladies up for events and I look forward to busting out my SFX kit every Halloween but bridal beauty is my first love and home.  I love helping someone look and feel her most beautiful on a day w...

December 6, 2017

There are plenty of benefits to hiring a professional for many aspects of your wedding.  I may be a little biased but I believe hair and makeup are among the most important.  I get it, we're all trying to work within a budget and you may want to DIY a few things for yo...

December 5, 2017

I started airbrushing 6 years ago and really perfected my application about 4 years ago.  There are many reasons I love it from an artist's standpoint but what goes on in my brain isn't what's important.  How that translates to YOUR face is what matters to you!...

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