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Bridal Previews

Photo Credit: Elizabeth M Photography

Bridal previews are a very important step in securing your bridal hair and makeup artist. Wedding day services typically take about 30-45 minutes while preview services are literally double that. So what am I doing with all of that extra time? Getting to know your face and hair better than you do.

Your 90 minute makeup appointment starts with a more in depth consultation. During this time, I'll ask you questions about your current routine and we'll go over your inspiration photos. Following the consultation, I'll get started on skin prep and application. I'll pull different elements from the inspiration photos that I think will work best with your features. I'll use traditional foundation on one side and airbrush on the other so you can see the difference and decide which application method should be used on your wedding day. I like to start with less color and add more to suit your preferences. If you're torn between a few different looks or varying intensities, we can make as many minor changes until you're absolutely happy with it. False lashes will also be chosen to enhance your eyes.

During your hair preview, I'll be able to get better acquainted with your hair and come up with a plan to make sure your style turns out the way you envisioned and will last through the night. I can also let you know if clip in extensions would be necessary and what products you can use to make sure we have the right foundation for a long lasting style. Hair previews include up to two styles and as much tweaking until it looks exactly how you want it to.

I want you to be happy with who you're seeing in the mirror. This is a time for you to be completely honest. I will do my very best to set realistic expectations and explain why something might not be working and what we can do to remedy it. I take no pleasure in convincing someone to go with something they're not feeling. I want you to be absolutely certain that you feel as beautiful as you possibly could. So, during your previews or even sometime between your preview and your wedding day, I need you to let me know if something isn’t quite right. You’re not going to hurt my feelings and we'll both be happier if you don't feel compelled to leave a negative review.

Following the application, we'll go over expectations for your bridesmaids and come up with a cohesive color palette and style for their hair and makeup to ensure no one is stealing the spotlight or causing us to run over time (it me). If anyone in your party is unsure or has any questions for me, they are welcome to schedule their own previews. A lot of moms will schedule previews to alleviate any anxiety they may be experiencing about their own hair and makeup.

Your wedding day is not a day where you are wearing everyday basic makeup or are able to throw your hair into a topknot. In order to make sure the investment you’ve made in your hair and makeup (and photos) pays off, we need to go into the day with a well thought out plan.

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