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Open Letter to Brides : Please Get the False Lashes

I’ve been a bridal makeup artist for almost 10 years now. I like glamming ladies up for events and I look forward to busting out my SFX kit every Halloween but bridal beauty is my first love and home. I love helping someone look and feel her most beautiful on a day where that goal is so important. When I recommend the lashes to you and your party, it’s not because I want to make you look like someone you’re not or get a few extra dollars out of you. This is really in your best interest.

I'm going to share a story that I usually bring up when a bridal party member is on the fence about it. Let’s go back to June 7, 2014 - a day full of personal joy and excitement; my own wedding day. I had hired an artist I've worked closely with for years to help my bridesmaids get ready so I could relax and enjoy the day without worrying about how anyone else was going to look. I did end up doing my own makeup since I have the tools and products at my disposal and getting ready is my favorite time of the day and is almost meditative for me. I like to bring this calm and attention to being fully present to any wedding I'm a part of because it really does go by in a blur and it's important to try to be in the moment as much as possible. The makeup artist I'd hired was ready to jump in if I was suddenly overcome with anxiety and couldn't keep my hands from shaking. Anyway, I had four bridesmaids; three got false lashes. I’m inserting a picture of my own wedding party below. See if you can pick out the one girl who’s not wearing them?

Photo Credit: Bowtie Photo

That lovely lady on the end is my sister Valerie - the most impatient person I have ever met. She was my Matron of Honor, 8 months pregnant, and her daughter (my flower girl, Caroline) had a horrible double ear infection. I know she had planned on getting lashes but going very last left her feeling pressed for time and she decided to skip them. She's gorgeous either way and obviously the most important part was that she was standing right there next to me, supporting me as I married my love. As you can see in the picture below from her wedding in Key West, FL a year prior where a little more eye makeup and some false lashes really brought out her beauty.

Photo Credit: Southern Most Photographer

You don’t see the false lashes of the woman wearing them; you see her eyes. They really help to open up your eyes and provide a little extra definition. Below is a photo of a Mother of the Bride demonstrating how wearing a pair of false lashes lifts your eyes and provides a more youthful look - you wouldn't believe me if I told you her age and that she's had ZERO work done!

Photo Credit: Jessi Vaughn Photography

Yes, they feel a little funny at first, a little like a lamp shade for your eyes. You do have extra hairs there though. The sensation goes away after 5 minutes and a coat of mascara. I won’t choose a lash that is too much for you. Again, it is not my goal to make you look like someone you’re not. If you want a natural look, I have just the lashes to enhance that. Something more dramatic, I have the perfect pair for you too! Worried about false lashes with contact lenses, don’t be. The glue used is safe for your eyes and I recently found a fantastic latex free formula that can be used on anyone. Remember, this isn’t just any other day. You want to look like you but just a little more special? False lashes are the answer.

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