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Why Airbrush?

I started airbrushing 6 years ago and really perfected my application about 4 years ago. There are many reasons I love it from an artist's standpoint but what goes on in my brain isn't what's important. How that translates to YOUR face is what matters to you!


For your convenience, I've listed some of the most important points below if you or anyone in your party are considering upgrading your look with airbrush!

  • Airbrush foundation is ultra long wearing (up to 16 hours) so it's great for those with oily skin or people who find that their makeup fades throughout the day.

  • It's also really transfer resistant and water resistant which is important when you think about all of the hugs and kisses you'll be giving and receiving as well as some happy tears during your vows!

  • Because of both the application method and ultra lightweight formula, airbrush foundation provides customizable and natural looking coverage.

  • Airbrush foundation feels so lightweight - like you're not wearing anything! The cool breeze is super refreshing too.

  • It's great for sensitive skin because it has very few ingredients that would cause irritation (#proproductsFTW). Excellent for eczema since manual manipulation is minimal and won't emphasize dryness or cause any flaking.

  • Have a birthmark or unwanted pigmentation that you have a terrible time trying to cover? No problem! Because the foundation is sprayed on in light layers, we can very seamlessly cover even the darkest of hues without it looking heavy.

  • A great option for a groomsman that may have gotten a black eye during a particularly aggressive game of touch football. Light air and pigment is sprayed on so it won't cause any additional discomfort that may be experienced with traditional concealing methods. These guys will be in your pictures forever too! Shouldn't they look their best?

  • Got a tattoo or blemishes on your chest or back you want covered? No problem! The Dura formula used is applied in a similar fashion to facial airbrush makeup but is completely waterproof (you need alcohol to remove it!)

If you're still on the fence about it, send me a note and we can schedule a consultation to talk about it more and you can see it in action!

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