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"As wedding professionals, we know that the way you look and feel will be one of the most important aspects of your wedding day and an experience that goes beyond the beauty process. It's important that you feel listened to and cared for when planning and designing your look and that your wedding day is treated like the production it is - from the smallest gathering to the grandest affair. I designed our beauty services to provide you and your party the same attention to detail given when our experienced artists are on set for any photo or film project and the additional reassurance that you and yours look will remain picture perfect for every captured moment."

- With Love, Amanda Merrell - Owner and Lead Artist

**If you have specific questions about your date or anything else, feel free to reach out directly via email at**

The Bride

Luxury Client Package - $1500 - Available with Amanda Merrell ONLY - very few select dates available

This ultra luxury 6 hour service is for the client looking to pamper themselves as they deserve for their wedding day.  By selecting this package you have the option to do hair, makeup, or both during our getting ready time while you'll experience my concierge service for the remaining time.  This white glove package will give you that "celebrity treatment" and extra peace of mind with your extended timeline as well as a red carpet experience of having your own beauty expert on standby to make sure every hair is in place and nothing has moved during the endless kisses of your ceremony or first look.


**Available exclusively with Amanda Merrell and only a select few dates are available for this package.  Minimum service charge of $1500 is applicable to day of services only.  If interested in booking this package with Amanda Merrell, please schedule a phone consultation immediately after submitting your brochure to confirm that your date is eligible for this package** Amanda can be reached directly at or you can text her business line at (667)824-8268


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A La Carte Bridal Services - 1 hour 15 minutes each

  • Primary Client Makeup $250 - Your wedding day makeup service begins with a relaxing mini facial, custom to your skin needs to help your artist achieve our signature "Effortlessly Perfected Skin" - The kind you get with regular 8 1/2 hours of sleep, 3 liters of water daily, and both sunrise & sunset unachievable lifestyle unless you happen to run GOOP.  Makeup service includes HD quality makeup with choice of traditional OR airbrush foundation ((product decisions are based on your skin type and artist expertise), and false lashes.

  • Primary Client Hair $250 - Your wedding day hair service starts with an application of the appropriate products for your hair type and a short, relaxing scalp massage to ensure product is distributed evenly throughout your hair prior to styling.  The styling itself is for dry hair only with your choice of an updo or down-do with complimentary extension placement should you choose to add in additional volume or length to your look. (clip in only provided by client)​


Each preview lasts approximately 90 minutes and are held at the location of your choice by appointment only (subject to travel policy).  Most clients book 12-18 months before their wedding date and choose to have their previews within 3 months of their wedding.  Your attendants are welcome to book hair and makeup previews as well and it's becoming more and more common for the mothers as well.  Previews are not included in the day of services and will not be included in your proposal or service agreement.

  • Makeup Previews $150 -  Includes a thorough consultation of your skin type to determine the best skin prep and foundation to ensure a beautiful and long lasting look.  We will review your inspiration photos and discuss how the chosen colors and shapes of the makeup will translate to best bring out your features. False lashes are included in your preview as well as airbrush foundation if you and your artist decide it's the right fit.

  • Hair Previews $150 - Includes a thorough consultation of your hair, how it normally behaves, what products you usually use, and what may be necessary to achieve your desired look.  We will also review your inspiration photos and select different aspects from each to create something that's just for you. 

If you chose to purchase clip in hair extensions prior to your preview, installation is included.  Our lead stylist will be happy to recommend clip in extensions if you'd like advice.

Attendant Services

  • Attendant Makeup $150 -  Makeup service includes luxury skin prep customized to their individual skin type to provide a natural and long lasting finish.   HD quality traditional foundation or airbrush makeup and false lashes included with attendant makeup application. 

    • Attendants include all those wishing to receive makeup services over the age of 15

  • Attendant Hair $150 - Hair service includes mini scalp massage to ensure even distribution of product, dry hair styling only with choice of updo or down-do, and complimentary extension placement (clip in only provided by client)

    • Attendants include all those wishing to receive hair styling over the age of 9

  • Junior Attendant Makeup $125 - Includes custom skin prep to target specific skin concerns for the youth client, HD quality traditional foundation application, simple eye look with 1-2 eyeshadows and soft eyeliner, mascara, blush, powder, and lips. 

    • Age 9-14.  Any requests for more complex makeup applications including graphic eyeliner, glamorous or social media inspired eye looks, false lashes, etc will fall under attendant makeup and will be charged as such.  This decision will be up to the artist.  

  • Flower Girls $90 - Age 5-9 - Choice of updo or princess curls.  Complimentary glitter and gloss.

    • prior to school age we prefer not to use our hot tools around jumpy children for their safety but are happy to include them with our "fairy dust" once everyone else is completed

Additional Services

  • Bridal Concierge Service $175/hour - My Bridal Concierge Service is a luxury add on for your wedding day. Includes unlimited touch ups of hair and makeup, dress and veil repositioning, and some photo assistance.

  • Travel - $100/hour On location service includes travel to the Baltimore area, Washington DC, as well as all of Carroll, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Frederick Counties in Maryland .  Additional travel will be calculated at $100 per hour of travel time outside of our standard travel area.  Hotel reservations are required for bookings with more than 3 hours of travel one way or for start times before 6:00 am.

  • Assistant $25/hour - Assistants can be requested to help shorten the total service time. They will help with prepping skin for makeup, hair for styling, as well as ensuring the lead artist's work station is kept organized and sanitary. They may also help with final touch ups. All assistants are personally selected artists working as subcontractors with Amanda Merrell Beauty towards becoming lead artists in the near future and follow our strict sanitation and conduct guidelines.


  • Additional Artist $150 each - Additional artists can be requested to help shorten the total service time or if the number of services exceeds what can be completed by a single lead artist for each service (hair or makeup). They will perform full services, either hair or makeup, depending on what's needed. All additional artists are personally selected lead artists who spent a sufficient amount of time working as an assistant with Amanda Merrell Beauty and follow our strict sanitation and conduct guidelines.

  • Relocation Fees $250 - If we need to change locations during the contracted service time, a $200 relocation fee will be applied and an extra hour added to the contracted time.  You will also be responsible for any travel related expenses (additional mileage, parking fees, and Tolls)

  • Sunrise Fee $100/hour - If you require services to begin prior to 8 am, a charge of $100 per hour for each artist will be added to your contract total.

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