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Amanda Merrell Beauty Etiquette Tips

Here are some Etiquette Tips to having a stress-free beauty day. Please familiarize yourself with these important tips  so you will have a serene, happy, and fun environment prior to the event. These tips will help eliminate stress and will help to prevent any "BRIDEZILLA, MOMZILLA and/or MAIDZILLA" moments. 



Day of event - it’s all about timing! Remember there is only a short-allotted amount of time for all services to be completed. There are charges that will be billed for going over allotted time or for having significant “gaps” (no one in a seat). To avoid this please be in the room 30 minutes prior to the official start time. This goes for EVERYONE! Tell all attendants to be 30 minutes early to ensure all seats are filled. 

One makeup look and hairstyle per persons is permitted on the day of event - however minor changes i.e. change lip color, hair volume/bump etc. can be done (if time permits). So, if you are the attendant that wants “everything” a fishtail braid then also wants an up-do or now saw the other attendant with a half up half down do and now wants that ~ believe us you will go over time thus taking away from the other attendants and family members. Be sure to PRE-select the look she wants and be sure of it before she arrives.  

Attendants not wanting services done after they have been booked for one, will still be responsible for the ORIGINAL booking of services.  

Everyone must come in bare faced - NO makeup, none, zip, zero! Moisturizer/Sun Screen is fine.  

Hair must be completely DRY prior to my arrival. Only DRY hairstyling is available (unless prior arrangements are made and documented).  

Also, please be sure to notify your attendant's receiving services to come in a button-down shirt or a shirt with a large enough neckline that won't ruin their hair and makeup when changing into their wedding day attire.  

Attendants should be prepared with beauty images (pre-approved by the Bride) of how they want their overall look to be. We will do all we can to accomplish the look they provide however please take into consideration difference from the image & attendants (hair, texture, length, style, face shape, skin tone etc.). It simply may not be the same as bridesmaids/attendant's hair and face structure is not the same which is common however not to worry we will get as close to the image as possible – that’s why we are the experts. We are experienced and trained professionals that can accomplish AMAZING things and can do any look you shown to us - but remember we are "beauticians not magicians"! If you want to look like a dark sultry Smokey eyed Kim Kardashian ~ then you will have to wear a TON of eye makeup and have Kim K. like features. Otherwise you just have Kim's makeup and this may not work on someone who is a blonde with smaller blue eyes, thin blonde lashes, and blonde eyebrows. We CAN do it if this is the look you want. And promise, we absolutely will let you know if you ask our opinion on what would work best for you.  


Please exfoliate your face and body the night prior.  Sunless tanning should be done no later than 2 days before your event and please be sure to shower off the color guard prior to your arrival.  No facial waxing should be done within 3 days.  If you need to remove any hair after this point, please consider tweezing or threading since waxing removes a layer of skin and it's very difficult for makeup to adhere to.

Makeup & Hair Etiquette

We ask that you do not eat or drink while in the makeup chair. Airbrushing needs to set. If you are chewing or talking you stretch, wrinkle, and pull your skins structure. Moving your skin during this important procedure can create unnecessary wrinkles before the setting process is done.  Hair spray and other styling products will be flying around and they do not taste good.  I've had more than one mimosa ruined by bridesmaids who were "careful".  Products that are rendered unusable due to spills, busy little fingers, or pets are your responsibility to replace.  

Also, please don't smoke or take smoke breaks during makeup and hair, do them prior or wait until the job is done.  

If you have a Makeup or Hair "thing" ie: Love your brows a certain way, have a favorite blush or eye makeup color that you must have, or you like having your bangs a specific way, you are more than welcome to bring and apply any of your own favorite everyday beauty products. Our liability insurance does not cover client's used makeup.  If there are certain products you'd like us to apply for you, please let us know ahead of time so we can arrange to have a brand new product just for you.   

Do not touch your makeup or hair, these are things your stylist will do for you, that's why they are there. Once the stylist(s) are gone you should only pat or dab away, itches, tears or sweat with a finger or a tissue. DO NOT WIPE! Pat, pat, pat to ensure longer lasting flawless makeup coverage.  

Attendants are not to chat on or answer their cell phones during the hair or makeup application - unless it's a TRUE emergency. People calling you forgetting things like "who picked up the ice and napkins is not considered an emergency". The Bride is to designate a responsible attendant, family member, or friend to take ALL calls and messages, even run minor errands for you during this time. The show must (and WILL) go on, perfectly - I promise! I’ve never seen a wedding cancelled because "Uncle Jim didn't get directions or bring the feather pen for the guest book" etc.  *My best suggestion, tell the Bride to hire a day of wedding planner/organizer, they are soooooo worth it! 

We ask that the bride has designated a firm attendant, friend, or family member assigned ahead of time to ask all unneeded guest NOT to enter the bridal beauty quarters. There is rarely room to accommodate more people in the prep area. Extra bodies just add unneeded stress for the Bride attendants and the stylists. 

 ...And most importantly, breathe, relax, and enjoy the moment! Your moment will come and will be flawless beautiful and amazing so enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 



Again, all the tips are extremely important but we can't stress these specific ones enough. 


  • Be early & present at the official start time. 

  • Arrive with clean 100% DRY hair and zero makeup on. 

  • Bring a minimum of 2 inspiration photos of the overall look and beauty feeling you are wanting 

  • ​Bring your favorite lip color & specialty items

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