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Lessons and Education

In 2019 I took on the challenge of educating would be artists and sought employment with The Academy of Makeup in Hunt Valley Maryland.  I was excited about having "Educator" as part of my artist identity and being a part of molding the next generation of artists as they were starting their career.  My passion for product, history, structure, science, and of course art were reinvigorated day after day.  No longer was I simply using techniques and colors out of muscle memory, there was a reason and I had to explain everything. I fell in love with every part of teaching my students and often had the opportunity to work with people who wanted to know how to accentuate their own features in the best way or try something new but were struggling with how to break down a look and apply it to their face. 


Then came Covid and lockdown.  After 2 years my steady work as an educator with the school became another small business casualty of the pandemic. I truly miss teaching and find myself accidentally doing it during regular makeup applications which I think some clients may find annoying or at the very least, entirely too time consuming. 


Here's what I assume brings many of you to this page specifically - We're 2 1/2 years into this pandemic and starting to re-enter society again.  We want to go to social gatherings but not every occasion calls for a makeup artist.  Most, if not all, of our makeup is expired and we're a little out of practice.  Social media (looking at you TikTok) is full of 17 year olds with Euphoria inspired makeup that none of us actually want to wear to the fundraiser lunch for our children's school and we just want to look fresh and put together, as if we've been taking great care of ourselves and getting a lot of quality sleep.  ​


This is where I come in!  I will customize a lesson plan for your specific needs and we'll work together to break down a look that's easily achievable by you so you can feel confident and beautiful in your skin.   Please contact me directly at or schedule a phone consultation by clicking this link so we can talk more about your personalized lesson.  


One on One Makeup Lessons - $250 per hour

Whether looking to master a smokey eye or just need some help with the very basics, let a seasoned makeup artist help you navigate the (sometimes intimidating) beauty world.  This lesson will be custom designed to help you perfect your skills to achieve a flattering look to bring out your best features.  We recommend 2 hours to start with and go from there. 

Held at the location of your choice

Group Lessons - $100 per person per hour 

Get a group of friends together for a fun night of education and pampering.  In this fun, group setting we will go over the basics of skincare, products, and application.  Perfect for teens just starting with makeup or a ladies night out.


Minimum of 4 people required.  Held at the location of your choice

Basic Hair Styling - $100 per hour

Want to learn to create long lasting curls, a professional style blowout, or a sleek straight look?  Our stylists will create a custom lesson to help you get the most out of your hair!

Personal Shopping - $200

Navigating through Sephora, Ulta, or a department store's cosmetic section can be overwhelming. You're at the mercy of the counter manager who is relying on your purchase to make her daily sales quota.  Let's take some of that pressure off of both of you.  The personal shopping experience starts with a thorough phone or video consultation of your current routine and beauty goals.  We'll then schedule a time to meet at the store of your choice where I'll help you to select the right products and tools to help you achieve your desired look.  The perfect add on to any lesson!

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