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Frequently Asked Questions and Booking Policies 

When should I book your services, and will you hold my date? 

We book 12-18 months in advance for the peak season's most popular dates (March through November). We book 2-4 weeks in advance for most weekday studio appointments. All dates are first come first served and no date is held without a signed contract and paid retainer.


What's your minimum/smallest package? 

Our minimum is $800 per artist. You can meet this by booking either my Primary Client Only Package (available with Amanda) or by creating your own package with any combination of wedding day services. All studio sessions are separate and are not included in my wedding day service minimum.


What is your location/travel fee? 

My wedding day service includes hair and makeup at your location in the Baltimore area, Washington DC, as well as all of Carroll, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Frederick Counties in Maryland . Additional travel will be calculated at $100 each way per hour of travel time outside of our standard travel area plus any additional tolls. Hotel reservations are required for bookings with more than 3 hours of travel one way or for start times before 6:00 am.


I'm having a small wedding, and I need service only for myself. Do you offer that? 

We do have a Primary Client only package available when booking the same artist for both hair and makeup.  It is ideal for elopements and smaller parties, and allows us to focus solely on you.  If interested in booking for you only, please inquire about our Primary Client only package.


How many services can you accommodate?

I've found in the past when I have a 10 hour day, nobody wants to go first despite our insistence that we will be doing touch ups and the products and techniques we're using are for the specific purpose to make everything last well beyond what you can expect from every day hair and makeup.  With that being said, we try to keep our schedule at around 6 hours for your comfort and ours.  Each artist works a little differently but in general can accommodate 6 total hair or makeup services on their own without an assistant or additional artist.  For more than 6 contracted wedding day services an additional artist or assistant will be required and a reservation and scheduling fee will be added to your final balance as well as any applicable travel and transfer fees.


How much time will you need to complete my wedding day services? 

We schedule each hair OR makeup service for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on the artist you'll be working with.  We will also need about 15 minutes for set up, and 15 minutes for finishing touches before dressing time. Once we have the number of people receiving services, we'll give you an estimated time frame for the day based on how many people you have receiving which services and the artist you'll be working with.  


How will you schedule my services? 

Your proposal will include a service time frame where you can expect your artists to be on location with you.  A couple weeks out from your wedding Amanda will reach out to confirm the timing with you so she can create a detailed Wedding Day Beauty Prep Sheet.  We don't find it beneficial for anyone to assign specific appointments for anyone except the primary client and encourage you not to do this with your party either.  Some styles or makeup looks may take more or less time depending on the complexity and we all need to be flexible and keep things moving efficiently. 


What’s the next step to secure my date?

50% of the contracted services is due with a signed service agreement to reserve your wedding date. Your remaining balance, including any additional hair or makeup services, and applicable travel, transfer and additional artist fees will be due in full one month prior to your wedding date. 


How do you charge for destination weddings? 

Any travel beyond 3 hours one way from the Baltimore/DC area will require hotel accommodations for the night before your wedding day in addition to the above travel rates. For bookings that require travel beyond driving distance, a detailed custom proposal will be built with you prior to completing any contracts.  


Can I schedule a trial or meeting with you at your studio before committing? 

Of course!  About 80% of our clients choose to book with us prior to their trial but you're welcome to schedule a trial prior to signing your contract.  Please note that dates are not held without a signed contract and paid retainer - even if you have a trial scheduled.  It's recommended that you reserve your date while it's available, and schedule your trial a couple months before your wedding day. Most of our clients like to coordinate their trial session about 3 months from their wedding date.  


Do you mind if I work with my own hair stylist or makeup artist? 

Not at all! We love teaming up with other beauty pros. You're more than welcome to book us for makeup or hair only provided our minimum of $800 is paid.  


My party and I need to be ready early. Is there an additional charge for your time? 

For services that begin before 8 am there is a $100 fee for each artist per hour added to your final invoice.


What if my party and/or I are running late? 

In the event that your services start later than the arrival and set up time that we have agreed upon and I have scheduled us for, there will be a fee of $25 per 15 minutes assessed. A person’s late arrival will shave time off of their appointment if they can’t switch their time with another person. In the case of a late or no show, no refunds will be issued.


My venue doesn’t open to get ready in until the late morning/early afternoon. Will this affect our getting ready time? 

If your contracted services need to begin earlier than your venue allows entry for, you'll need to secure an alternate location for all hair and makeup services to be performed prior to your travel and arrival to the venue. If you wish to have your team pack up our kits, and transfer with you from your starting location to your venue, and set up again to continue services, then an additional $250 transfer fee and any applicable travel fees will apply for each booked artist.


How would you describe your style?

I like the word "enhanced".  Imagine you had all the products in my kit, all the knowledge and talent that I possess, and all the experience I have gained over my 13+ year career.  How would you style yourself for your wedding day?  That's how I approach every client I choose to work with.  I prefer to emphasize the features you love so you don't even worry about the parts you're not so happy with. It's extremely important that my clients feel listened to, cared for, and like the most beautiful versions of themselves.


Tell me more about false eyelashes...Do I need them? 

False lashes are a great way to enhance your look naturally.  Think of them like high heels for your face - maybe not an every day thing for you but they definitely take your look to another level. Our artists carry a variety of false lash styles ranging from very very natural to full glam. If you have a favorite pair or have spent months looking for the exact lashes for your perfect day (I've been there and it's totally how I found my "universally flattering lash that I carry), by all means bring them!  They will need to be a brand new pair - see the section below entitled "Can you use my makeup?"  The same goes for your party as well.  If they're receiving makeup services and have brand new lashes they'd like us to apply, we're more than happy to use theirs.  We always want you to be comfortable so you're welcome to opt out of lash application if you choose though it does not affect pricing.  We do not offer partial makeup applications - "just eyes" or "eyelash application" will be charged the full rate. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Do you work with hair extensions? 

Our artists love styling with hairpieces and clip-in hair extensions to achieve the looks we create for our clients. I'm happy to help you decide what will work best for your look, and I'll give you my best recommendation on what and where to purchase. We only work with natural human hair extensions and pieces that are resistant to heat styling, All hair extension pieces are to be provided by the client. Installation service is always complimentary.


What products do you use? 

Our artists mostly use products designed specifically for professionals due to its versatility, low risk of allergic reaction, pigmentation, color range, and simple kit friendly packaging.  You'll also find a mixture of prestige, luxury, and the occasional drugstore product in our kits.  Some names you may find in my kit are Pat McGrath, NARS, MAKEUP FOREVER, Laura Mercier, MAC, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Chanel, TEMPTU Pro, Ben Nye, Inglot, Kryolan, Cinema Secrets, Tom Ford, and Charlotte Tilbury-just to name a few. ALL beautiful makeup applications start with great skin prep, and we use gentle skincare products that are free of fragrance and harmful chemicals. If there is a particular ingredient you know you are sensitive to, or if you have any known allergies, please communicate them to me as soon as you can so we can help you decide what products are best for you. 


Can you use my makeup? 

Our liability insurance does not cover the use of any open and used makeup that is not in our own kits.  We do not have control over important things like expiration dates, hygiene practices, cross contamination with other ingredients, and we often haven't tested or researched your product's capabilities and efficacy.  You could have a reaction due to any of these reasons and we would be liable.  If you are insistent on using a single particular product, you are free to apply that yourself prior to or after your service.  If it is multiple products that you'd like used during your application, we ask that a list of the products we'll be using be provided ahead of time so we can do our research and new unopened products will need to be available.  Personal shopping is available for a $200/hour fee if you'd like us to bring the items and add the cost to your invoice.  


How can I help you set up/be comfortable in your workspace?

A large, well lit room will be needed to allow for ample space for your artists, our equipment set up, and for all of our comfort and enjoyable experience. We will also need a large table or counter top, access to power, and a chair for each artists' to sit in.  If an artists will be doing makeup a barstool or taller chair is preferable so that you won't have to strain your neck and your artists won't have to put unnecessary stress on their back.  If your artist will be doing hair, a shorter low back hair that won't crush your curls will be necessary so they can see and style the top of your head.  Please have our set up ready upon our arrival.  If we will be working alongside another artist you have booked separately, we require having first choice of lighting and set up space to accommodate our contracted services.


Do you require a vendor meal?  

Most of our clients are so sweet to want to include us, however our services are typically complete by dinnertime. If you have quick snacks or beverages (I personally LOVE to chew on ice while I'm working) while we are getting ready, my team and I are always grateful for the offer. However if our total service time exceeds 6 hours, a short break will be built into the timeline and a small meal would be appreciated.  If our time together does run into dinner service, we do ask that any remaining artists on site be provided a vendor meal.


How do we tip?

Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated.  If you've received exceptional service from your artists, please feel free to thank them any way you see fit.  I've gotten cake pops, wine, gift cards, cosmetic products, and of course cash in the past.  The best way to say thank you is helping us grow by sharing your experience with your friends and family and continuing to work with us any time you have the need for hair and makeup.  We'd love to see you again at another event! 

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