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Whether you're looking to start your own business from the ground up, want help with marketing, familiarize yourself with legal policies, or navigate any of the complex issues that may arise within your own venture, I'm here to help.  

Who is Amanda Merrell

I have worked with government agencies and the top law firms in DC starting in 2006 before leaving to start my own successful makeup and hair company 6 years ago. In 2019 I began my consulting firm and now focus on advising many small women owned businesses in the DMV area. I've used my 17 years experience within the business and legal world to teach women how to write legal and effective contracts, negotiate settlements, launch marketing campaigns, enter their desired industry, network, grow their businesses, and most importantly sell their value as a business person to the right people rather than the products or services they're offering. 

How Can I Help You

Registering your business: 

  • Provide assistance with acquiring appropriate business licensing to operate in the state of Maryland

  • Register a Federal Tax-ID number - necessary for banking, funding, self income taxes, etc.

  • Provide advice on specific set up of business type. Ex: LLC, S Corp, C Corp


Business Essentials:

  • Website building

  • Client Management System set up with branded templates

  • Workflows for efficient communication with prospects from lead to closing 

Legal Services:

  • Contract Templates available for download

  • Custom contract creation

  • Contract review

  • Mediation & Contract resolution

Marketing and Sales:

  • ​Finding your ideal client and speaking to them through your materials

  • Setting your pricing

  • Networking to help reach your audience

  • Advertising the right way to maximize close rate

Hair & Makeup Consulting:

  • Advise other artists, venues, photographers, etc on setting up an ideal  "glam station” when building out a new space

  • Mentoring aspiring artists

  • Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry course for aspiring makeup professionals

  • Master classes - Kit review free with every master class

    •  Bridal Makeup Masterclass

    • Airbrush Makeup

    • Makeup for boudoir

    • Makeup for special events 

    • Highlight & Contour intensive

    • Hair styling basics

    • Updos for special occasions 

Ready to take the next step in your career? 

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