About Me

My entire reason for existing is to help people.  In such a superficial industry, it can be a little difficult to see beyond the gloss and find your "Why".  I know for me, it's the connections I make with people.  I am the ultimate introvert - socially awkward in a group but one on one, face to face, I become your best friend.  Putting you at ease, running interference between you and that one bridal party member who's been driving you crazy, and really taking the time to figure out your specific vision to help you feel as beautiful and confident as you possibly can. I am not a social media artist here to contour you until you're unrecognizable.  I prefer fresh, radiant looks that are timeless and pretty. 

My work has been featured in Vogue, June Bug Weddings, Baltimore Weddings, Washingtonian Magazine, Glamour and Grace, SM Wish Bridal, Whimsically Wed, Equally Wed, Virginia Bride Magazine, Two Bright Lights, DFW Bridal Guide, Style Me Pretty and Washington Life Magazine.  

Photo by Peach May Photography

I just want to give you an update in case the hair color was maybe swaying your decision one way or the other.  After 3 years of monthly bleachings to get it light enough so that I could get the pastel pink I loved and then eventually this cranberry color that I compromised on, it was clear that my chemical induced mullet meant I needed a break.  So what's the next best thing to having really cool colored hair?  Having a TON of luscious hair that I had attached to my wispy little locks that make me feel like a Victoria's Secret Angel.  Also, I legitimately only have to wash it every 10 days.  So don't be confused when the lady on the left doesn't arrive and you get some version of the me below showing up.  I may also be makeup free during our appointment as well. If it is all that important to you, please know that this almost 36 year old lady fought it until the very bitter end and I will color one of the blonde pieces pink for you if you want.